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Upward Chillicothe Online Auction - Thurs..Oct. 3rd @12:00 P.M. - Mon.Oct. 7th @ 7:00 P.M.

Item Description
U2.9" hand blown glass fishing net float
U3.11" hand blown glass fishing net float
U4.11" Multi colored vase-nice
U5.Hand saw
U6.Full size fitted and flat sheets
U7.Throw pillows
U8.Wood handled push broom
U9.Metal red handled shop broom
U10.Misc. Sheet music -Lawrence Welk and more
U11.VHS movies
U12.Misc. paperback novels
U13.10# weight belt
U14.Misc. posters
U15.Show tunes sheet music-favorites from the 50's
U16.Show tunes sheet music from the 50's
U17.AT & T portable phones
U18.OSU memorabilia
U19.OSU memorabilia-Shadow box and tee shirts
U20.Misc. lot-sand paper-scissors and more
U21.Craftsman screwdrivers and more
U22.Vintage Master time a lite-glows in the dark
U23.Cranberry Mistletoe 20 oz. jar candle
U24.Large lot/scented candles
U25.2/Yorktown 10" cookie cutters
U26.Battery operated Pink Camaro-has battery and charger-make your little girl's dream come true!!
U27.Tasco 4 x 15 Scope and Smith Bear Cub II Scope
U28.50" hand painted fence post witch-looks like David's but can't find a signature
U29.David's 72" light up hand painted witch-signed
U30.4 pc. queen bed set
U31.Wood 10 1/2 x 21" wood candle box
U32.Vintage metal cake holder
U33.Longaberger 1999 Host. Homecoming
U34.4/skeins/new yarn
U35.4/skeins/new yarn
U36.4/skeins/new yarn
U37.4/skeins/new yarn
U38.18" wood kraut cutter
U39.Vintage H. S. B. and co. clothes washer
U40.Cast log cabin book ends
U41.4 x 4 1/2" cast bean pot-Taiwan
U42.25" copper hanger
U43.4 x 14" copper pan-w/handle 24"
U44.8" Heavy cast bell-very unique
U45.Longaberger 1993 Mother's Day co. needs bath
U46.Longaberger 1998 Host. Appreciation w/prot.
U47.Longaberger 1990 Gingerbread
U48.Longaberger 1994 Tea co. w/prot.
U49.Longaberger 1996 Easter co.
U50.Longaberger 1992 Bittersweet co.
U51.Longaberger 1996 AA Summertime w/prot.
U52.Longaberger 1996 Tour w/prot. signed by Jerry
U54.Longaberger 2005 Dresden co.
U55.Longaberger 1995 Mother's Day co.
U56.Longaberger 2008 Sweetheart co.
U57.Longaberger misc. lids and liners
U58.Longaberger 1992 Bittersweet co. -faded
U59.Longaberger 1996 Dresden w/prot.-needs bath
U60.Longaberger 1991 FD paper co.
U61.Longaberger 1998 Large Easter co. w/tie on
U62.Longaberger 2004 Med. Nat. Gatehouse
U63.Longaberger 1998 Oregano w/prot.
U64.Longaberger 2003 7" Round Keeping w/prot.
U65.Longaberger 1981 Med. Key
U66.Longaberger 2002 Tall Tissue
U67.Peterboro and Ohio Bicentennial
U68.Longaberger 2008 w/prot.
U69.Statehood quarter collection
U70.Amer. Bison nickel collection
U71.Legend of Silver mercury dimes
U72.2005 State quarter collection-Denver mint
U73.India Head pennies-The first and last years
U74.JFK half dollar collection-1964-66-67
U75.Susan B. Anthony Dollar collection
U76.The Amer. Series-The Presidents
U77.Amer. Dimes/20th Century
U78.US Mint Westward Journey nickel series
U79.1972 Eisenhour unc. silver dollar
U80.1974 Eisenhour unc. silver dollar
U81.Walking Liberty half dollar collection
U82.Franklin half dollar collection
U83.2006 State quarter 2/coin collection
U84.Legend of the Mercury dime
U85.Symbols of Amer. Freedom-penny-nickel-half dollar
U86.2006 State quarter collection-2 coins
U87.2006 State quarter collection-2 coins
U88.1972 Canadian dollar
U89.1973 Canadian dollar
U90.1972 Canadian P. E. I. pure nickel
U91.1973 Canada Silver dollar
U92.2005 Philadelphia collectionState quarters
U93.US President Golden dollars-5 coins
U94.US President Golden dollars-19 coins
U95.George W. Bush 1988 commemorative and coin holders


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