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Pearl Chillicothe Online Auction - Tues. Aug. 13th@ 12:00 P.M. -Mon. Mon. Aug. 19th @ 8:00 p.m.

Item Description
P1.Craftsman USA 19 pc. tool set
P2.11" new Terracota lantern w/tea lights
P3.11" new Terracota lantern w/tea lights
P4.Halogen 50 watt bulhs-1 new and 1 is missing one and nylon cable ties
P5.2/Battleship games
P6.Lionel-Tyco and new train parts
P7.Misc. locks and keys-some are new
P8.Gun cleaning kit
P9.Longaberger 1997 Host. Pumpkin co. w/lid
P10.Longaberger 1995 Pumpkin co. w/lid
P11.Longaberger 1996 Pumpkin co. w/lid
P12.Longaberger 1997 Sm. Pumpkin co. w/lid and extra knob-chip on wood stem
P13.Longaberger Halloween plates-no box
P14.Longaberger silicone utensil sloted spoon and 5 glass dessert dishes
P15.Longaberger vinyl stripped place mats
P16.Longaberger 2/AA place mats and 4/Crisco napkins
P17.Longaberger 6/AA napkins-stain on one
P18.Longaberger 2/hot pads and 4 AA coasters-these are not Longaberger
P19.Longaberger AA Serving Tray-Cake and Cracker liners
P20.Longaberger AA Sm. Berry-Bread and Pie liners
P21.Longaberger Picnic Plaid table cloth
P22.Longaberger American Pride fabric-54 x 41"
P23.Longaberger American Pride fabric-54 x 76"
P24.Longaberger American Pride fabric-54 x 48"
P25.Longaberger American Pride fabric-53 x 48"
P26.Longaberger American Pride fabric-80 x 41"
P27.Longaberger American Pride fabric-52 x 41"
P28.2/Longaberger American Pride fabric-11 1/2 x 38 1/2" runners
P29.Longaberger 2 qt. Homestead crock
P30.Cast 13" RCA dog dinner bell
P31.Signed David's Ross County Court House wood figurine-carousel horse and boy on bike
P32.Advertising wood box/canister-6.5 x 7"W
P33.Corked gallon crock jug
P34.Magna child's bicycle
P35.Jewelry box loaded w/costume jewelry
P36.Corning ware dishes
P37.Cast dinner bell-17"
P38.Pyrex dishes
P39.Temptations cups-9
P40.George Foreman grill w/instructions
P41.Budweiser 7" metal bucket-
P42.Glass deviled egg plate
P43.Fenton silver crest cake plate
P44.3/9" plastic popcorn buckets
P45.Black Plastic storage racks-73" x 18" x 37"
P46.Black Plastic storage racks-73" x 18" x 37"
P47.Cream Plastic storage racks-73" x 18" x 37"
P48.Cream Plastic storage racks-73" x 17" x 33"
P49.Cream Plastic storage racks-73" x 17" x 33"
P50.Hon Metal 5 drawer lateral file cabinet-42"W x 67"H x 19"D
P51.Coleman 2 mantle lantern w/heavy duty case w/fuel funnel and extra mantels-nice
P52.Cream Plastic storage racks-73" x 17" x 33"
P53.Fold up luggage carrier
P54.7/New 84" round plastic table covers
P55.Toilet tank repair kit-NIB
P56.Gray plastic storage rack-73" x 18" x 37"
P57.Gray plastic storage rack-73" x 18" x 37"
P58.Gray plastic storage rack-73" x 18" x 37"
P59.Gray plastic storage rack-73" x 18" x 37"
P59.Gray plastic storage rack-71" x 24" x 36"
P60.Gray plastic storage rack-71" x 24" x 36"
P61.Gray plastic storage rack-71" x 24" x 36"
P62.Full decorative wood headboard w/rails
P64.Motorcycle fender
P65.Motorcycle fender
P66.Motorcycle fender
P67.Motorcycle fender
P68.Motorcycle gas tank-no cap
P69.GAF 3000 Super 8 sound movie projector
P70.Motorcycle light and motor gasket
P71.Motorcycle exhaust pipes
P72.Motorcycle exhaust pipes
P73.2/sm. motorcycle fenders
P74.Silver desk lamp
P75.17" Computor screen
P76.Caller ID w/phone cord
P77.Drop leaf veneered mahogeny pedestal table w/4/Roseback chairs-some scuffs and scratches-see pics
P78.Anchor Hocking glass 2 qt. batter bowl/measuring cup
P79.8 door/drawer wood spice cabinet-17"T x 8"W x 6"D
P80.Painted wood box-12"T x 8"W x 6"D
P81.Longaberger 1995 Sweetheart co. The bottom of the Tie on is broke off
P82.6/Fabric apples
P83.4/Longaberger fabric material apples and 3 others
P84.Fabric covered decorative balls
P85.Wood fruit and apple candles and 16"apple swag
P86.Fostoria blue 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" lidded candy dish
P87.Longaberger 1995 Host. Wildflower combo w/lid-needs bath-has candle wax on handle
P88.Jim Shore 10" angel-see pic-top of church steeple is missing
P89.Abe Lincoln hardback book
P90.Battery operated 2005 Coca Cola Corvette carrier-NIB but has been stored
P91.Metal Coca Cola Delivery truck-5 x 2 1/2"-NIB
P92.Metal Coca Cola truck-5 x 2 1/2"-NIB
P93.Ohio State memorabilia-see all pics
P94.Ohio State Memorabilia-see all pics
P95.Ohio State Memorabilia-see all pics
P96.OHio State memorabilia-see all pics
P97.Sleeve/golf balls-OSU tee's and Clippers helmit
P98.12 x 16" What not glass top shadow box
P99.3/8 x 10" picture frames
P100.Wire shelving/racks
P101.11 x 18" puzzle and Austrailian boom a rang
P102.11 x 21" metal mail box-like new and stick on letters
P103.Cracker Jack tins-100th anniversary
P104.24 lb. parchment paper
P105.Candles-decorative stones and more
P106.Encyclopedia /Tee Trivia and mini footballs
P107.Metal 15" desk lamp
P108.Lexmark X125 printer
P109.Epson Perfection 1260 scanner & dell keyboard
P110.Box lot/paper back books
P111.21/new 25 packs/3 ring 4 x 6" inserts
P112.Divided wood box


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