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Viper Chillicothe Online Auction - Mon. June 29th @ 12:00 P.M. - Mon.July 6th @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
V1.Heartstone teapot-6"T x 10"-rough spot on spout
V2.Heartstone plates-2-rough spot on one
V3.2/Heartstone dinner plates
V4.2/16" Patriotic and 1/12" flower stem
V5.3/Geranium stems and one Carnation stem
V7.Annon new 12' flag garland w/grommets-NIB
V8.Annon new 12' flag garland w/grommets-NIB
V9.3/Kitchen towels-2 are NWT
V10.4 Pack/new mini flags and new Patriotic decor
V11.NEW Wood hanger-napkins-candy molds and Patriotic ribbon
V12.New USA hangers
V13.New Patriotic candles
V14.Rowena Ultra steam -looks new
V15.9 x 9" Brushed nickel trash can and 8 1/2" potted Rose
V16.Tramontina SS lidded bowls and 4/qt. bowls w/lids
V17.Glass lidded 7 x 7-5"T x 11" glass cake plate and 8" glass
V18.New picture albums
V19.Gift boxes-ribbon and more
V20.New elec. candles and St. Nicholas Square tealite candle holder
V21.2/New Yankee Candle Balsam and Cedar tea light Christmas tree burners
V22.New Digital Longaberger Slow cooker
V23.New Gingerbread cookie hand soap and lotion set
V24.New Gingerbread cookie hand soap and lotion set
V25.Parlor Domino's-New
V26.New Limited Ed. Cake candle tin-Holiday spice
V27.New Limited Ed. Cake candle tin-Holiday spice-smells yummy
V28.14 x 16" used Bunny pillows
V29. Longaberger and other holiday pillows
V30.New St. Nicholas Square candle
V31.Metal ornaments and garland
V32.Miniature kitchen pottery ornaments and miniature Nativity set
V33.Snowflakes and snowmen ornaments-picks and more
V34.Bird and angel ornament lot
V35.3/large Holly picks
V37.3/Artificial potted flowers
V38.16" x 10"W Butterfly Metal flower pot holder
V39.28" x 10" metal plant stand
V40.Longaberger new cinnamon spice potpourri and other
V41.Angel rhinestone ornaments
V42.Tree skirt and angel bows
V43.9" ceramic angels
V44.Lighted wreath-Holly and more
V45.Ceramic Gingerbread ornaments-
V46.Gingerbread ornaments
V47.Gingerbread ornaments and soap dispenser
V48.Gingerbread ornaments-one is glass
V49.Gingerbread and more ornaments
V50.Christmas Tea towels and 4- 72" table covers and more
V51.12" Christmas Carolers
V52.set/3 marble candle holders-5 and 7"
V53.King Edward Cigar box-2 1/2"T x 4 1/2"W w/ new sample soaps
V54.Ludwig drum set w/soundoff silencers and cymbal bag-nice!!
V55.New Steiff German "Noah's Ark" wicker and wood 39"L x 14"H -Beautiful-You need to call and come in and look at this. Bigger than it looks!! A Rare find.
V56.Steiff Ark Mohair Llama pair-5 x 5"-new with certificate-glass eyes-bag as never been open
V57.Steiff Ark Mohair 4 x 7" Tiger set-0glass eyes-bag has never been open
V58.Steiff 6 x 7" Ark Mohair donkey set-glass eyes-bag never opened
V59.Steiff Ark Mohair 6" Noah's children's bear set-glass eyes-never out of bag
V60.Steiff Ark Mohair 6 x 5" brown bear set-glass eyes
V61.Steiff Ark Mohair 3 x 8" glass eye Tiger set-never out of bag
V62.Steiff Ark Mohair 4 x 8" glass eye Lion set-never out of bag
V63.Steiff Ark Mohair 10 x 4" Giraffe set-glass eye-never out of bag
V64.Steiff Ark Mohair 4 x 6" Dove set-never out of bg
V65.Steiff Ark Mohair 7" Gorilla set
V66.Walt Disney Steiff 15" Flamingo-In Showcase Fantasia in 2000-Retail $316.00
V67.Walt Disney Steiff Hyacinth 15" Hippo-Retail $450.00-60th Anniversary
V68.Walt Disney Steiff Mademoiselle Upanova-13"
V69.Walt Disney Steiff 15" Mickey-Retail $375.00
V70.Walt Disney Steiff 11" Ben Ali Gator-Retail $375.00
V71.Raikes 18" Arnold-has been stored
V72.Raikes 2 piece Snowflake with this Sleigh w/box
V73.11 x 13" lidded stock pot
V74.8 1/2" Garden decor
V75.New garden torch and 12" garden decor
V76.6/Misc. beanies
V77.6/Misc. beanies
V78.6/Misc. beanies
V79.6/Misc. beanies
V80.6/Misc. beanies
V81.Metal crosses
V82.Ladies fashion hats-new
V83.Men's new fashion hats
V84.Men's new fashion hats
V85.Queen top and fitted sheets-2 pillow cases and new throw
V86.Queen bed set and wool blanket
V87.Dickie 2X and Duds 2X Ohio State scrubs
V88.Men's 2X scrubs
V89.Men's 2X scrub pants
V90.Men's 2X scrub pants
V91.Large rusted metal dust pan and sprinkling can
V92.Ceramic garden/decorative 8 1/2" ball
V93.2/plastic watering cans-12" and 8" elephant
V94.8 x 11" heavy metal cat flower pot holder
V95.Zook Kids-22" Porcelain doll w/real eyes-new but has been stored
V96.Barbie Anniv. tea set-NIB-has been stored
V97.Barbie Pinstripe Power-1997 copyright-NIB -has been stored
V98.Ginger Giraffe Barbie-new-has been stored
V99.Dance and Twirl Barbie-remote control-1994 copyright-New-has been stored
V100.New Elvis 30th Anniv. -1998 copyright-has been stored
V101.Raike new 17" Violet Circus doll-has been stored
V102.New Barbie Laverne & Shirley doll-copyright 1997-has been stored
V103.New Barbie Lenny & Quiggy 1976 copyright doll-has been stored
V104.Cindy doll-NIB-has been stored
V105.Kenner Nat'l Velvet -1978 copyright-New but has been stored
V106.Bear Forces of America Army Navy bears
V107.10" Barbie w/Love Lim. Ed. porcelain musical figurine-new-has been stored
V108.1983 copyright Cabbage Patch-new-has been stored
V109.Cabbage Patch-bad box-has been stored
V110.1955 Cadillac James Dean Solido Die Cast-NIB
V111.Longaberger Ivory footed bowl w/lid--NIB
V112.David's 7 1/2" signed snowman ornament-see additional pic
V113.Green framed David's copyright pineapple picture-12 1/2 x 22 1/2"
V114.Longaberger Green med. flower pot
V115.Longaberger Red med. flower pot
V116.Longaberger Blossoms combo-could use a bath-see pic
V117.Longaberger Nature's Garland sm. bowl
V118.Longaberger 9 x 13" Ivory dish with plastic lid-needs bath
V119.Longaberger Ivory handled platter
V120.Longaberger WI 6" stand w/wood shelf
V121.Longaberger 4 1/2" WI stand w/wood shelf
V122.12" Madame Alexander Romance collection (Beast)-Retail $55.00-NIB
V123.Madame Alexander 12" Romance collection-(Beauty)-Retail $55.00-NIB
V124.Madame Alexander 8" Pink Butterfly Princess-Retail $75.00-NIB
V125.Madame Alexander 7" Groom and 8" Sailorette -Retail $50.00 -NIB
V126.Madame Alexander 13" Bride doll-Retail $109.00-NIB
V127.18" Madame Alexander "Evening 2260" sleepy eye-Retail $375.00-NIB
V128.Madame Alexander 9" Laverne & Shirley #25755 Retail $180.00
V129.20" Madame Alexander -011-Cissy Godey Bride
V130.Lifelike Virginia Ehrlich Turner "Turner Doll's Inc." Wizard of Oz Dorothy-34" -has basket but no To To-you need to come take a look to appreciate this doll!! Retail $550.00
V131.Turner Doll's by Virginia Ehrlich Turner 36" Wicked Witch-Retail $880.00-NIB
V133.1964 Gerber baby-1960 Ideal doll co. 13" doll
V134.1991 8" Enchanted Evening Barbie porcelain Nostalgic -NIB
V135.1992 Porcelain 8" Wedding Barbie-NIB
V136.Raikes 8" "Spring"-Retail $55.00
V137.Raikes-Summer-8"-NIB-Retail $55.00
V138.Raikes 8" Autumn-NIB
V139.Cabbage Patch Snack Time Kid-NIB
V140.Raikes 8" Winter beat-NIB
V141.Cabbage Patch Snack Time kid-NIB
V142.1995 Apollo 13 copyright-NIB
V143.1989 Unicef Barbie-NIB
U144.1978 Hardy Boys-Shawn Cassidy-NIB
V145.1977 Captain & Tennille (Toni Tennille)-NIB
V146.1977 Captain & Tennille-(Daryl Dragon)-NIB
V147.1956 copyright-The Swan (Grace Kelly)-NIB
V148.1995 copyright Apollo 13-NIB
V149.1997 Copyright Barbie Marilyn Monroe-NIB
V150.1998 Copyright Barbie Oldham-NIB
V151.Used 72" flag bunting w/grommets
V152.Used 72" flag bunting w/grommets
V153.Used 36" flag bunting w/grommets
V154.Used 36" flag bunting w/grommets
V155.Used 36" flag bunting w/grommets
V156.American flag -used
V157.72" Flag bunting-used
V158.36" Wood duck on stand
V159.Longaberger Coll. Club Peep-NIB-see additional pics
V160.Porcelain 1992 9 x 6" MVP hand signed Johnny Bench figurine-NIB-Retail $150.00
V161.Porcelain 1992 9 x 6" MVP Reggie Jackson figurine-NIB-retail $150.00
V162.Porcelain 1990 9 x 6" Will Clark figurine-NIB-2nd figurine in the Super size series-NIB-retail $150.00-signed
V163.Porcelain 1993 9 x 6" Nolan Ryan figurine-NIB-Retail $195.00
V164.Porcelain 1993 5 x 5" Chicago White Sox Robin Venture figurine-NIB-Retail $50.00
V165.Porcelain 1992 5 x 5" Cubs Ryne Sandburg figurine-NIB-Retail $50.00
V166.1993 NBA World Champions Chicago Bulls 4" plate and NBA Shaquille O'Neal plates
V167.My Childhood friends original resin by Pat Koleson 19" Bonnie Lee-Retail $499.00-new-no box-48/50
V168.My Childhood friends original resin by Pat Koleson 19" Billy Boy Lee-49/50 -Retail $499.00
V169.Misc. Vintage keys
V170.Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver #23977 S2 pepper grinder
V171..925 sz. 9 Sterling ladies ring
V172..925 sz. 9 Sterling ladies ring
V173..925 sz. 9 Sterling ladies ring
V174.1979 sz. 9 class ring
V175.Sz. 7 .925 Sterling ladies ring
V176.Size 10 .925 Men's band
V177.Size 8 .925 ladies ring
V178.Size 7 ladies .925 ring
V179..925 lot/mixed jewelry
V180.4/Vintage brooches
V182.1944/1905 and 1945 silver dimes
V183.Little Tykes Toddler Wallace Sterling set
V184.1953 Red $2.00 bill
V185.1899 $1 US Silver certificate -Black Eagle-rough and stained-see pics
V186.2/Fall Rhinestone brooches
V187.WWI and II penny proof sets
V188.2008 Silver Andrew Jackson dollar
V189.5/Large silver bars
V190.WWII black and white photo's
V191.Sz. 10 .925 man's band
V192.Mixed US Naval training stations 1942 black & white photo
V193.Lawman SS knife w/brass & wood handle
V194.Rigid knife-#RG68
V195.1940 Boyscout survival knife
V197.Vintage 2 blade CG knife w/pearl handles
V198.2/Frost Cutlery knife set
V199.North American fishing club knife
V200.4/Barlow knives
V201.Elvis Presley 1977 USA knife
V202.Barlow knife
V203.Schrade American Hunter club knife
V204.Imperial USA knife w/pearl handles
V205.United Boker German knife
V206.USA Colonial knife
V207.Western USA S-693
V208.9/Assorted knives
V209.5/Assorted knives
V210.New Yonanas Elite dessert maker-NIB
V211.Cooks Essential 2 Qt. Pressure cooker-New
V212.Roky & Mohu 50 TV antenna-NIB-retail $89.95-NIB
V213.Roky & Mohu 50 TV antenna-was hooked up
V214.Yes Chef Waffle maker-NIB
V215.New 7 pc. Utensil kitchen set
V216.New Rotary HSH counter top slicer/grater-NIB
V217.Bacon tray Easy cut-NIB
V218.Cook's Essentials Popcorn on Demand-NIB
V219.Temptations ovenware-New-casseroles w/lids and holders
V220.3 pc. Temptations ovenware w/holders-new
V221.New HDTV Antenna-NIB
V222.New HDTV Antenna-NIB
V223.New HDTV Antenna-NIB
V224.2/New puzzles
V225.2/New puzzles
V226.New Zippy pop-popcorn popper
V227.New Power Pressure cooker
V228.Cook's Essentials New Cast Aluminum cooker
V229.Oster new countertop oven
V235.USA Great plate set-NIB
V237.3 pc. new lock & lock w/egg container
V238.Misc. new kitchen containers
V239.Misc. new kitchen containers
V240.Misc. new books
V241.Misc. new books
V242.Misc. new books
V243.Misc. new books
V244.Misc. new books
V245.Food savor-works
V246.Sm. tent in bag
V247.Kitchen box lot
V248.45"T x 28" wood cross
V249.28 x 5" Metal garden decor
V250.17 x 18" metal Garden decor
V251.36"? x 17 1/2 Flag bunting
V252.Metal Rust garden hanger-13 x 16 1/2"
V253.Wearever 7 1/2" skillet and The Big One cook set w/glass lids
V254.Vintage wood egg crate-11"T x 12 1/2"W-see pic-missing half board on bottom
V255.Longaberger 2003 Bouquet co.
V256.Longaberger 1998 HOH co. w/tie on
V257.8 1/2" Boyd w/tag
V258.8 1/2" Boyd w/tag
V259.Matthew and Bailey set
V260.15" Russ monkey-new
V261.15" Russ monkey-new
V262.2/Ty Buddies
V263.2/Ty Buddies
V264.2/Boy Boyds-12 and 14"
V265.2/Ty Buddies
V266.8" Boyd clown bears
V267.2/Ty Buddies
V268.2/6 1/2" Boyds w/ornaments
V269.New 18" Padsworth Bears from the Past w/tag
V270.Disney 8 1/2" Mickey and Minnie's w/tag
V271.Disney 8 1/2" Mickey and Minnie's w/tag
V272.Disney 8 1/2" characters w/tags and cardboard Castle
V273.Longaberger New vanilla votive candles
V274.Longaberger New Vanilla votive candles
V275.Longaberger New Herbal Garden votive candles
V276.New Kuhn Rikon Easy Cut-NIB
V277.New 1997 10th Anniv. Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V278.New 1997 10th Anniv. Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V279.New 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V280.New 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V281.New 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie-Spec. Ed.-have been stored
V282.New 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V283.New 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V284.New 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V285.New 2000 Millenium Princess Barbie-have been stored
V286.New 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie-have been stored
V287.New 1996 Walt Disney Cinderella Barbie-have been stored
V288.New 1996 Walt Disney Cinderella Barbie-have been stored
V289.New 1996 Walt Disney Cinderella Barbie-have been stored
V290.New 1996 Walt Disney Snow White Barbie-have been stored
V291.New 1996 Walt Disney Snow White Barbie-have been stored
V292.New 1994 Colonial Barbie-have been stored
V293.New 1994 Barbie of the World-have been stored
V294.New 1994 Barbie of the World-have been stored
V295.New 1997 Silken Flame Barbie-have been stored
V296.New 1997 Silken Flame Barbie-have been stored
V297.New 1997 Silken Flame Barbie-have been stored
V298.New 1997 Silken Flame Barbie-have been stored
V299.1999 Nascar #94 McDonald's barbie-new but has been stored
V300.1999 Nascar #94 McDonald's barbie-new but has been stored
V301.New 12" Russ Dinosaur
V302.New 12" Russ Dinosaur
V303.New 14" Russ Dinosaur
V304.New 14" Russ Dinosaur
V305.Scwinn vintage bicycle with light up basket-has some rust-needs tire blown up
V306.Vintage Western Flyer tricycle
V307.16 x 25" x 4"D Wood berry carrier
V308.Longaberger 1999 Daisy co. w/tie on
V309.New 1997 Tangerine Twist Barbie-NIB-has been stored
V310.New 1996 Barbie and Ken Startrek set-has been stored
V311.New 1998 Angel of Joy Barbie-1st in Series-has been stored
V312.New 1998 Winter Evening Barbie-has been stored
V313.New 1998 Matinee Today Barbie-has been stored
V314.New 1981 Pink & Pretty Christie-has been stored
V315.New 1981 Magic Curl Barbie-has been stored
V316.New 1984 Ken (Crystal)has been stored
V317.New 1979 Sports & Share Ken -has been stored
V318.New 1981 Island Fun Ken-has been stored
V319.New 1985 Tropical Ken-has been stored
V320.Ethan Allen 10 1/2" ceramic figurine
V321.Cabbage Patch Primie-dirty boxes-have been stored
V322.Cabbage Patch dirty boxes-have been stored
V323.Cabbage Patch Primie-dirty boxes-have been stored
V324.Cabbage Patch-dirty boxes-have been stored
V325.Cabbage Patch -dirty boxes-have been stored
V326.Cabbage Patch -have been stored
V327.Cabbage Patch twins-have been stored
V328.Cabbage Patch -have been stored
V329.Madame Alexander 13" Scarlett Jubilee II-NIB but have been stored
V330.Madame Alexander Scarlett Jubilee II-13"
V331.Madame Alexander 14" Mary Gregory-have been stored
V332.Madame Alexander 13" Martha Patterson-have been stored
V333.Madame Alexander 13" Julie Grant-have been stored
V335.Madame Alexander 13" Mary Todd Lincoln-have been stored
V336.Madame Alexander 14" Mary Todd Lincoln-have been stored
V337.14" Pitcher and bowl-some crazing
V338.Covered plastic pet steps-12"T x 17"L x 14 1/2"W
V339.9 x 11" Fr. & matted Chillicothe Warner Hotel picture
V340.Kansas City Butcher knife set
V341.12 x 16" Country framed pictures
V342.Egg holder and glass top plastic bowls
V343.7 x 9" Snowman tea pot
V344.15" Wood bellows
V345.New 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" Snow globe
V346.Misc. candles-bears and more
V347.Glass 3 Bear s honey jar-4 1/2"
V348.Glass horse mirror and New Ohio State 1998 calendar
V349.Box lot/nice paper back books
V350.Box lot/Vintage ornaments and more
V351.Faux furs
V352.21" Noah's Ark w/animals
V353.Snowman throw
V354.Cardinal throw
V355.Musical doll-Santa and porcelain doll
V356.Angel-new poinsettia decor and more
V357.New St. Nicholas holiday kitchen towel set
V358.New St. Nicholas holiday kitchen towel set
V359.Holiday kitchen towel set
V360.Vintage candles-votive candle holders and more
V361.Holiday dish towels and more
V362.Gingerbread placemats and hand towels
V363.New lotions-perfume and more
V364.22" Metal candle holders-pictures and more
V365.Christmas new ribbon and more
V366.Candle holders-Pictures and misc.
V367.Kitchen clean out
V368.Misc. books and journals
V369.Ornaments-potpourri-ribbon and more
V370.Christmas lights-bird house and more
V371.Glass jar/buttons
V372.Box lot/sewing
V373.New cups-napkins and more
V374.Genuine 8W leather shoes


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