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Putnam & Ratcliffe Real Estate and Auction Services, Inc.
Quick Chillicothe Online Auction - Tues.Aug. 20th @ 12:00 P.M. - Mon. Aug. 26th @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
Q1.14' log chain
Q2.Used Goldwing replacement seat
Q4.16 x 20' pop up Tent-approx. 5'
Q5.Craftsman 1/3 hp grinder w/stand
Q6.Penncrest tool box w/misc. tools
Q7.Sears 110V 3 hp 2 cylinder air compressor
Q8.Craftsman band saw w/2 new 82" saw blades-works
Q9.Large box/telephone cable wires-several hundred feet
Q10.Replacement lawn mower seat
Q11.Power washer-cond. unknown
Q12.Box/electrical boxes and motor cycle parts
Q13.Honda wrenches and pliers
Q14.Stanley Bostitch nail gun in working condition
Q15.Large box/nails and staples
Q16.5 gallon bucket/motor parts
Q17.6013 Welding sticks
Q18.2/8" sewer line connectors
Q19.Large lot/misc. Christmas
Q20.Box lot/junction boxes
Q21.Pool strainer-elec. fan blade-bicycle chain
Q22.Husquvarna protection vest
Q23.4/D/C lights
Q24.Trailer lights and head light w/reflectors
Q25.Hudson duster
Q27.4" reflectors and 2/Blue DC lights
Q28.450,000 CP DC spotlight
Q29.Skil variable speed jigsaw
Q30.2/Q beam DC spot lights
Q31.2/sets/trailer lights
Q32.Carborater for mower
Q33.Rear view mirror and weed eater attachment
Q34.Claw and steel hammer and key hole saw
Q35.Briggs & Stratton 8 hp replacement motor
Q36.100 amp circuit box w/13 circuit breakers
Q37.16 USP connectors
Q38.Misc. hardware
Q39.Misc. box lot/lugnuts and misc. parts
Q40.8" tie down/eye bolt-1/2" diameter
Q41.12" rise motorcycle handle bar
Q42.9/28 and 34" conduit pipe
Q43.Twin/full bed comforter
Q44.Misc. motorcycle parts and others
Q45.36" hat/coat rack
Q46.Large lot/hose clamps
Q47.Kohler air filter and 3M air filter mask
Q48.Box lot/rasps and more
Q49.Jar/metalic grout
Q50.3 1/2" 5/8 metal bolts
Q51.Heavy Duty Axle jack
Q52.Patio Umbrella's and metal tin w/misc.
Q53.Hydraulic hose
Q54.1987-98 Ford F-150 rear bumper
Q55.Acetylene tank
Q56.40" concrete drill bit
Q57.2/Racing carburators and more
Q58.Stanley/Bostitch 12 roll/nail gun nails
Q59.Tote/electrical parts-junction boxes-outlet covers and more
Q60.Misc. tool lot
Q61.Cleaning tools
Q62.Tail lights-reflectors-pullies and push mower wheels
Q63.Dumbells and box/springs
Q64.Trailer and mower tires
Q65.Filters-tips and more
Q66.Motorcycle starter
Q67.Misc. garage hardware
Q68.Box lot/electrical components
Q70.Misc. hardware
Q71.Snow shovel and quick mop
Q72.Misc. mower parts and more
Q73.2/Steel flexible brake lines
Q74.11" pig cookie jar
Q75.2 x 5" metal Coca Cola truck-NIB
Q76.2 x 5" metal Coca Cola truck-NIB
Q77.2 x 5" metal Coca Cola truck-NIB
Q78.2 1/2 x 5 1/2" metal Coca Cola truck
Q79.Canon Rebel w/flash
Q80.Sharp 8 Viewcam w/power charge
Q81.Ball jar Kerosene lamp and wood rolling pin
Q82.No 1 footed cast lidded bean pot
Q84.SS 12 qt. lidded stock pot and Activa lidded SS crock pot
Q85.Wagner Sidney, Ohio Magnalite heavy duty cooker
Q86.German water containers-possibly military
Q87.Crock bread maker
Q88.BBP pottery-crock-saucer and bowls
Q89.2 1/2 qt. Pyrex covered casserole-snowflake design
Q90.Springform pans
Q91.1990 Budweiser mug-needs bath
Q92.21 x 8" wood candle/potpourri holder
Q93.hand painted metal bucket
Q94.Longaberger 1986 large fruit/Apple
Q95.Beaumont pottery dog bowl-6"
Q96.Beaumont pottery cat bowl-6"
Q97.Pumpkin boxes and wood kittys
Q98.26/12 ga. Nitro 1 1/8-7 1/2 shot shells
Q99.30-06 and Weatherby 270 shells
Q100.38 special match ammo -50 wad cutter ammo
Q101.5.56 25 rounds
Q102.12 ga. box/2 3/4 7 1/8 25 rounds
Q103.12 ga. Nitro 27. Remington handicap
Q104.12 ga. Federal 3" #4 1 3/8 oz. 25 rounds
Q105.16 ga. Remington #6 9 rounds + 1 round 20 gauge + 2 rounds 38 special & 1 round 357 mag.
Q106.12 ga. 32 rounds mixed loads w/case
Q107.Soft side long gun case
Q108.Soft side rifle case
Q109.Bolt box
Q110.Thomas Kinkaide 12 x 15" framed and matted print
Q111.Porter Cable fine sander-works
Q112.Cumberland Gold Ale collector bottles
Q113.Plastic tarp-10 x 12'
Q114.Box lot/common nails and Christmas beads
Q115.Misc. lot/barbie dolls clothes w/case
Q116.Enchanted Evening Barbie-NIB
Q117.10" Chicken tea light candle lamp
Q118.Fold up photo albums
Q119.Hand painted tray and 9" casserole holder
Q120.12 ga. Winchester Federal mixed lot-21 shells
Q121.20 ga. 5 super X deep slugs
Q122.3/Wadsworth 20 Amp breakers
Q123.36" wood pedestal
Q124.2 totes/33 1/3 misc. record albums
Q125.Drexel veneered mahogheny buffet
Q126.Oak veneered 1 drawer stand
Q127.23" wood Tiki
Q128.Vintage glass mail box-14 x 5 1/2"
Q129.Brass look cricket ashtray
Q130.Star Wars pop up book-from smoking home
Q131.4 x 7 1/2 flat iron
Q132.Sawyers Viewmaster w/Disney and more disks
Q133.Miniature doll furniture
Q134.Miniature doll furniture
Q135.Miniature doll furniture
Q136.Miniature doll furniture
Q137.Miniature doll furniture
Q138.Miniature doll furniture
Q139.Heavy ship door stop
Q140.6 and 7" pip berry candle rings
Q142.52" Basket hanger
Q143.38" Basket hanger
Q144.24" Basket hanger
Q145.Steralite 7.5 lidded gallon tote
Q146.Mini cabinet and hp doll bench
Q147.Doll furniture reference books


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