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Category: ALL (37 records) Fine Jewelry Chillicothe Online Auction - Mon.May 20th @ 12:00 P.M. - Mon. June 3rd @ 7:00 P.M.

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FJ1 T_FJ1.JPGPulsar Men's Solar Dress watch-NIB-Retail $135.00-SEI PX3076       ended
FJ2 T_FJ2.JPGPulsar Men's 45mm Solar Chronograph watch w/blue dial-NIB-SEI PZ5001-Retail $185.00       ended
FJ3 T_FJ3.JPGPulsar Men's Silvertone Lumibrite Dial Expansion watch-SEI PXN021-Retail $135.00       ended
FJ4 T_FJ4.JPGGent's Black stainless Sport Pulsar watch-NIB-PUL PS9315-Retail $165.00       ended
FJ5 T_FJ5.JPGLadies white SS Dress watch-NIB-SEI SUT351-NIB-Retail $375.00       ended
FJ6 T_FJ6.JPGPulsar woman's quartz SS casual watch-silver-toned-SEI PY5027-Retail $125.00       ended
FJ7 T_FJ7.JPGGent's two tone SS dress watch-SEI SSC142-Retail $395.00       ended
FJ8 T_FJ8.JPGGent's white SS Chronograph watch-NIB-SEI SNAF01P1-Retail $495.00       ended
FJ9 T_FJ9.JPGLadies goldtone bracelet watch-large round white face-PUL PXT818X-Retail $69.00       ended
FJ10 T_FJ10.JPGPulsar Woman's Easy style solar silvertone watch w/mother of Pearl dial-NIB-SEI PY5005-Retail $135.00       ended
FJ11 T_FJ11.JPGSeiko Men's Analogue quartz solar diver's watch-NIB-SEI SNE435-Retail $395.00       ended
FJ12 T_FJ12.JPGMen's black polyurethane strap-NIB-SEI PXH227-Retail $110.00       ended
FJ13 T_FJ13.JPGMen's Pulsar quartz gold tone SS black dial elegant classic watch-NIB-SEI PG2046-Retail $135.00       ended
FJ14 T_FJ14.JPGPulsar ladies solar gold tone crystal watch-SEI PY5026-NIB-Retail $145.00       ended
FJ15 T_FJ15A.JPGSeiko Presage "Cocktail Time" automatic dress watch w/40MM-NIB-SEI SRPB43 Retail $425.00       ended
FJ16 T_FJ16.JPGSeiko Gent's white Chronograph bracelet watch-NIB-SEI SSC637 Retail $450.00 1 1100 180.00   ended
FJ17 T_FJ17.JPGPulsar Men's solar Sport SS bracelet blue dial watch-44mm-NIB SEI PX3067 Retail $135.00       ended
FJ18 T_FJ18.JPGGent's white SS Chronograph bracelet watch-NIB-SEISSC281-Retail $350.00       ended
FJ19 T_FJ19.JPGMen's Prospex radio controlled WT solar Chrono watch w/dial-NIB-SEISSG017-Retail $595.00       ended
FJ20 T_FJ20.JPGMen's On The Go solar Chronograph silvertone watch w/black dial-NIB-SEIPZ5005-Retail $199.95       ended
FJ21 T_FJ21.JPGPulsar woman's quartz SS casual gold tone watch-NIB-SEIPY5030-Retail $155.00       ended
FJ22 T_FJ22.JPGMen's two tone SS Blue dial quartz 100M watch-SEI PS9493-Retail-$135.00       ended
FJ23 T_FJ23.JPGGent's White dress watch-SEI SRPB77-Retail $450.00       ended
FJ24 T_FJ24.JPGMen's Silver Coutura Radio Sync Solar watch-SEI SSG019-Retal $595.00       ended
FJ25 T_FJ25.JPGGent's White SS diver's bracelet watch-$525 retail       ended
FJ26 T_FJ26.JPGGent's two tone SS dress watch-SEISSC142-Retail $395.00       ended
FJ27 T_FJ27.JPGPulsar by Seiko Gold tone SS men's watch-SEIPXH450-Retail $99.50       ended
FJ28 T_FJ28.JPGPulsar woman's easy style gold tone watch black dial-SEIPRS676-Retail $135.00       ended
FJ29 T_FJ29.JPGGent's Silver w/white face-SEISNE045-Retail $195.00       ended
FJ30 T_FJ30.JPGSeiko men's SUR013 watch w/white face background/SS band-SEISURO13-Retail $375.00       ended
FJ31 T_FJ31.JPGLadies White SS Dress Seiko -SEISUT167-Retail $250.00       ended
FJ32 T_FJ32.JPGSeiko Men's Presage Cocktail -SEISRPB46-Retail $495.00 1 1100 198.00   ended
FJ34 T_FJ34.JPGSeiko Solar White Gent's Brown leather band -white face watce-SEISNE056-Retail 195.00       ended
FJ35 T_FJ35.JPGLadies White overlay ladies dress watch-bracelet strap-SEISSC893-Retail $575.00       ended
FJ36 T_FJ36.JPGSeiko Gent's Two Tone SS dress watch-bracelet strap-SEISSG010-Retail $650.00       ended
FJ37 T_FJ37.JPGGent's SS Dress watch-SEISNKN43-Retail $315.00       ended
FJ38 T_FJ38.JPGSeiko Ladies two tone SS Dress watch w/bracelet strap-SEISUT349-Retail $295.00       ended

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